Quick Information about EquiFax

Equifax was established in the USA and is being operated in 15 countries. It is working as the significant platform for the management of vital information and services relating to the credit and banking data. It has been working to deliver the new solution combining the strong ethics and authenticity. Equifax is in the possession of membership with Standard and Poor's 500 Index. The common stock concerned with this is traded on the New York Exchange under the symbol EFX. Equifax is capable of processing millions of data records together that is presented by its member. Further, those submitted data records by the member are changed into usable information for their consumer and business lending decision and intelligence. Apart from this activity, Equifax also arranges the necessary information regarding the value-added products such as credit risk management and analysis, fraud detection, risk management solution, marketing tools and much more. This converted information performs the work for various industries incorporating insurance, telecom, and background verification agencies. Equifax enables its consumer to organize their personal credit information, take care of their identity and add enhancement in their financial well-being.

What is the significance of Equifax?

As in current time, numerous numbers of people are using bank accounts and credit cards of different banks and of courses it comes under their financial matter so it must be treated in very attentive way all the time. we all are well acquainted with the existing scenario of the cyber world that today the activities combining the cyber fraud has occupied huge space due to which several people get affected almost every day. Hence Equifax conducts the process of converting millions of data records which are brought by its member into valuable information for its customers. The most indispensable thing is that Equifax serves multiple industries simultaneously.

Look at the functions of product suit that is covering the broad categories

It offers the Consumer information solution:

The consumer information solution possessed by Equifax provides the assistance to the financial institution, telecom companies to collect the most important and useful information to have the unparallel insight into their customer base.

It provides the Commercial information solution:

Commercial information solution helps in introducing the new accuracy and trust to business intelligence. It gathers the trade credit history, financial payment history and business demographic perception.

It uses the workforce solution:

Workforce solution by Equifax is utilized to organize employment and income verification. It helps in the replacement of paper-based tasks to empower the organization to offer the better, faster employee service.

It offers the small business solution:

The availability of Small business solution assists individual and businessmen to purchase the credit report on any company in the database. Apart from this, this feature of Equifax helps in allowing an individual to supervise their business so that anyone may save itself from going into loss.